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David Vigoda

Collioure Books




Told like a TV drama in 22 brief episodes, it tells the story through the lens of two families, one liberal, one evangelical.


IT IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON THIS WEBSITE: CLICK THE “IF HE LOSES” TAB ABOVE. The plan is to publish it on Medium also. (Hey, I’m working as fast as I can.)


Its purpose is to raise awareness of the threat to a fair and honest election, so it can be averted.

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Welcome to the website of David Vigoda, novelist and publisher, and Collioure Books, a micro-publisher.

Collioure Books was founded in 2003 to publish fiction that could not find a satisfactory home with a commercial publisher. Because of the ruinous finances confronting small publishers, however, this proved impossible. As a result, I published only my own work. In 2019, however, I found a way to make a micro-publisher work, and in May announced the publication of the first book by another author: The Interlocutor's Tale, a novel by Paul Kaufman. 

About Sales and Shipping

On this site, you will find information about our books, which you can purchase here or on Amazon. The reason I sell books directly is that I lose money on every Amazon sale. I know that Amazon waives shipping charges for active customers and, if that is important, please make your purchase there. If not, you might consider making your purchase here. Shipping is cheap and prompt.

A mes amis francophones: Mes romans, hélas, n’existent qu’en anglais. Un jour peut-être... Mais pour ceux qui lisent en anglais, ils sont disponibles de par le monde aux frais de transport modestes sur Amazon.

To my English-speaking non-US friends: Prohibitive shipping costs make it unfeasible for me to ship books to you directly, but you can purchase books on Amazon with a modest shipping charge.


About David Vigoda

David Vigoda has been awarded fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York Foundation for the Arts, and the University of Utah. He directed The ‘Why It’s Great’ Writing Workshop and is a lifetime member of PEN American Center.


He has a BA from the University of Chicago, where he majored in the history of ideas after almost failing organic chemistry. He pursued a playwriting career in Chicago, London, and New York, achieving some success including receipt from the BBC of the most polite rejection letter ever written. He also wrote poetry, much of which he still thinks is pretty good. Turning to the novel, his agent sold an early effort to a New York publisher that promptly failed (not because of his novel). Later he started his own publishing company, Collioure Books, but has so far published only two authors.


He has been an investment adviser since 1983, a fact relevant to Who Gathers the Breeze and Siding with the Angels. Yes, he's related to Abe Vigoda the actor. He was his uncle, a fact not relevant to his novels, though they did collaborate on a TV sitcom pilot.


He has been happily married (since 1969!) to Liz Vigoda, studio potter, artist, and teacher. Together they produced Ben Vigoda who, after earning a PhD from the MIT Media Lab, founded Lyric Semiconductor, currently Analog Devices Lyric Labs, and then Gamalon. He in turn, with our wonderful daughter-in-law Lauren Stewart, produced Arden, Millar, and Max, the three grandest grandchildren on earth.




Author's statement


The stories I try to tell are not just those I am able to imagine, but those I believe should be told because they are (hopefully) not just beautiful and extraordinary and moving but important. They seek to remind us how we have arrived at our present place, our place in ourselves and in the world.


Years ago I heard the novelist Salman Rushdie (rhetorically) ask an audience, “Why don’t Americans write about the one thing everyone else in the world wants to know: What is America’s place in the world?” This question has haunted my writing, not just since then, but from my beginnings as a writer still in college some fifty years ago.


A review of my novel, Who Gathers the Breeze, ends: “...A solid literary achievement filled with philosophical, ethical, moral, and spiritual introspection.” (Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review) Reviews of my other books have noted the same. This (emphatically) does not mean that my novels don’t address the requirements of all good novels with exciting characters and plot; what it does mean is that those who enjoy my fiction like the fact that it is about more than its story.




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I generally post weekly at the time of new publications, and only items I think will be of interest to my readers.


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